Sunday, May 13, 2012

Triathlon triumph!

It's been along time since I've done something that wasn't work that I have been really proud of. Entering the enticer length triathlon definitely was well outside my comfort zone and having completed it I have felt exceptionally pleased with myself.

On the day I was the first in our team of 3 to do the course. I completed the 400 metre swim in 10:16 minutes, the 10 kilometre ride in 35:27 minutes and 4 kilometre run in 32:29 minutes. My following 2 team members were both faster than me, but it didn't matter. I'd done it.

Looking hot in my make shift triathlon outfit.

Today I looked at the scores. Our team came in 951st place out of 966 teams. But what surprised me was the 22 teams that didn't finish and the 79 teams - of 3 people each - that didn't even start. I am now even more pleased with myself knowing that so many people set themselves the goal/challenge of running the triathlon and many do not finish and more don't even get started on the day.

Signing up for the triathlon did for me what I needed it to. It got me motivated to get up and exercise. It gave me a challenge that made me push myself into excercise I'd never committed to before (running!). And it helped me get started on losing some of the weight I want to lose.

I'm currently down about 7 kilograms from when I started triathlon training and well on the way to being my lowest weight in the many years of the baby making mission. I feel great about that but also, for the first time since it happened, I've been a little bummed that I don't have any fallopian tubes. No chance at getting knocked up without medical assistance. However, I reminded myself that no chance at natural conception has also meant that I've completely stopped worrying about trying to get pregnant ALL OF THE TIME, making me much more mentally stable generally.

I was initially planning to have a another crack at embryo transfers this month, but we are putting it off for at least another month, giving me some more time to knock of a few more kilos and top up the bank account.

I'm planning to keep up the training with a view to running the Bridge to Brisbane 5 kilometre run in September. I still dislike running - but I've been assured by my uber fit work colleagues that it will get easier. I hope so.

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