Monday, October 18, 2010

How do I know it's my period?

My obstetrician was particular about my waiting 12-months. She tells me the high percentage figure of healthy couples that will conceive naturally in this time period. Given the fact that my husband and I had conceived once naturally in 2009 she assured us that patience was necessary. 

Having lasted about 10 of the full official 12-month waiting period, last month I managed to get a referal to see a fertility specialist.

Our appointment was a great 15-minutes in front of a professional who like the obstetrician said given the results of a few test we'd already undertaken so far there wasn't too much to worry about. My weight could be a problem, so perhaps I should try and loose some and step up the exercise program (which he acknowledges this sometimes more difficult than it sounds). 

He sent us away with a lot of blood tests. These tests to be done by me over the course of the month would allow the doc to follow the rise of fall of certain hormones. We left with the certainty that this month the 'love' doctor would give us the nod ensuring our baby making efforts were concentrated around my most fertile window. It wasn't much, but it was enough to bring back hope. At last we were doing something, we had some support, we had scientifically accurate information about my oestrogen, LH and progesterone levels and a phone number to ring. 

With science on my side, I have also stepped up on my part. I've renewed a gym membership and have been getting a lot more regular exercise. I've also been seeking some alternative therapies to help me with some of the emotional difficulties I've experienced around my failed pregnancy and my general well being.

Today I decided that I would ring the fertility specialist to report that my period had started 7 days after I ovulated. Having done swathes of internet research I knew this was bad news. A short luteal phase doesn't allow the body enough time to get pregnant - or something like that. The doctor wasn't there when I rang, but with the receptionist informed of my concerns, I was advised I would either receive a call back later in the day or that I should call again in the morning.

I was pretty bloody happy when the doctor rang me back in the early evening. I found myself talking quickly and openly about spotting and light bleeding and how it all started just 7 days after the date of confirmed ovulation. I was however surprised by the doctor's response, "how do you know it's your period?"

I've been having periods for let's say 23 years. Yes, this bleeding is light, but it has been going for 4 days and doesn't look like easing up. Last month was just like this, long period, but slow getting started with lots of light days. I have done a few cheap internet pregnancy test, but they all come up negative so I don't think it is implantation bleeding. But when it comes down to it, I guess I don't know, I just assume it is.

The doc sends me to the pile of pre-prepared blood test forms that I left his office armed with from our 15-minute meeting and tells me to get a 'quantitative hcg' test. This test will confirm if I'm pregnant or not and all the other results of oestrogen, LH and progesterone levels will confirm if my period has started, or not.

I'm so glad I weaseled my referral a month or two early and that finally I am getting some help. Tomorrow morning I'll be there when the Sullivan Nicolaides doors open at 7am for another jab. And in the afternoon I'll ring that number to find out whether it is my period or not.


  1. Hey Morgy,

    Thanks so much for this. It's wonderful to hear how it's going and how you're feeling about it all. Especially because I now belong to the small portion of the population who barely even thought the word "baby" and a real one suddenly seemed to arrive...embarrassingly stress free and extremely lucky...Thinking of you and Matt all through today (and throughout your mission) and doing silent little cheer routines of support that are more elaborate than anything you'll see in "Bring It On" or "Hellcats".

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