Sunday, October 24, 2010

The peaceful time

Right now, I'm in what I call the peaceful time of my cycle. I absolutely know I'm not pregnant and am over the disappointment of last month with my sights firmly set on the next fertile window, which should be rapidly approaching.

On Thursday last week my second blood test definitely confirmed I was not pregnant - even though I was already certain of it - and that my period had now officially in hormone terms commenced.

I mentioned clomid in my last post. The fertility specialist has suggested I continue to take it just to ensure I do ovulate each month. This entails taking one pill for 5 days at the beginning of your cycle.  The fertility specialist told me to start taking my clomid on that day. I've got just the one tablet to go.

I've also made a follow up appointment with the fertility specialist to discuss the issue of the later part of my cycle. I'm guessing another drug will be involved in helping my luteal phase be more suitable for conception. I don't see the specialist until 2 November.  I anticipate more blood tests will required also.

I like this time. It is peaceful mentally.

Also, I'm really grateful for all the messages I've been getting in. Thank you to everyone for your support and good luck to those on their own baby making missions.

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