Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So what's been going on till now?

I rang the Doctor's office late on Tuesday night, unfortunately a little too late to get the results of my blood test. The answering machine gave me an after hours number to ring, and that message gave me another 'urgent' pager number. I decided the results of this blood test can wait until the morning.

On the dot of 8am today I rang and was told that the blood tests show my period hasn't started properly yet. I don't what this means for the whole fertility deal yet, it just seems weird and has me wondering what's been going on for last however many months. 

When did my period starting stop being my period starting?

Since my first pregnancy miscarried and having a suction DNC (curette) in August 2009, my cycle has not been what it used to be. My cycle could vary from 26 to 40 days in length. When you are trying to get pregnant there is nothing you would like more than a nice regular cycle. The irregularity is bad, but it is the long cycles that mess with your head, make you do a million pregnancy tests, get your hopes up to the highest heights and then send you crashing back down.

I reported all this irregularity to my GP, who referred me back to my original obstetrician, who said I needed to be patient. After another month or two of patience I went back to my GP who I have been seeing for about 10 years. In tears again my GP said all this patience was ridiculous, given the emotional distress it was causing, so she prescribed Clomid to try and aid in a speedy pregnancy.

So I've had the clomid for a few months and the irregular cycle has settled down, but now I find out that everything is haywire anyhow.

So how does this result make me feel? Better than I have in months. I feel better because someone is looking into it. The doctor wants me to repeat the same blood test tomorrow. And I hope that the results tomorrow shed more light on what the hell is going on. I certainly hope even though I've got no idea what is going on, that the doctor will.

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