Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our first pregnancy scan - written on 24 Feb

Today, following doctor's orders, I managed to speak to the fertility specialist to let him know my spotting had progressed to quite heavy bleeding on Wednesday, but had then gone back to being mostly just spotting again.

The doctor initially said there isn't much to do about it that I just have to wait for it stop. He then asked when my last period started - which I think was 25 January. The doctor is stumped, and said that can't be right because I couldn't have got a positive result when I did if that's the case.

I'm sure on my dates, but because I was taking my three months test free, the doctor hasn't seen any blood tests from me, confirming ovulation etc since December.

In the end, the Doctor said why don't you just come in for a scan at 5.30. I was so pleased about that. The doctor was sure with my numbers we'd be able see something. I was sure with my dates that it must still be too early.

Matt came in for the scan too. The latest pregnancy has been taking a big emotional toll on him too. We've both had a lot of anxiety.

We head in for the scan which  is always a little embarrassing. I've got to strip from the waist down and cover up with a sheet. Matt is in the room with me, we are both laughing a bit as Matt is trying to figure out where to stand. When the doctor comes back in he makes a few jokes about all the condoms and lube he goes through as he get the ultra sound probe ready. The doctor inserts said probe and starts to talk to us through what we looking at on screen. The uterus and lining are there - but suspiciously, nothing appears to be in the uterus. The doctor explains with my numbers that we should at least be able to see a pregnancy sack, even if we can't make out an heart beat or anything else. He starts to poke around looking at my ovaries etc and points out a lump in left side, which he thinks looks sus.

I get dressed and we sit down with the doctor to discuss what it all means. The doctor says there are three possibilities:
1. Given what I think the dates are it is too early to see anything
2. Given the bleeding etc I have miscarried and that is why we can't see anything in the uterus
3. The pregnancy is implanted in my fallopian tube and that is the lump we can see.

To determine if the pregnancy is ectopic the doctor tries to get me in for a full pelvic scan, but it is too late in the day. He books me in for earliest available appointment on Friday morning. He also wants me to get a blood test at the Queensland Fertility Group lab so he can have my HCG and progesterone levels first thing in the morning. The doctor tells me that he is in surgery on Friday, which means that if the results of the scan and blood test suggest the pregnancy is ectopic that he will be able perform laparoscopic surgery immediately. So other than the 1 litre of water of need to drink the hour before my pelvic scan, I'm not to eat or drink anything after 6am while we wait for the result.

As Matt and I drive home on Thursday we are both in a bit of a daze. I'm a little relieved to be having the symptoms investigated and hope that tomorrow we will have some definitive answers.

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