Thursday, December 1, 2011

Obsessive much?

Transfer was less than 1 week ago. When do you think I might have started thinking about home pregnancy testing? I'd say, about 1 week BEFORE transfer!!!!

I just can't help myself. I'm a terrible home pregnancy addict when I reach this point. Having been through a full cycle recently, I have had some learnings that I'm already trying to implement.

Firstly, no more cheap pregnancy tests. The day after transfer I invested in an expensive pharmacy (no more crappy supermarket) 3 pack of pee on a stick tests. These ones are supposed to pick up traces of HCG at fairly low levels. Why do I need a 3 pack? I held the 2 pack in my hand for some time, but then I thought about how long it was between then and the blood test. I also thought, even if I do get a test that is positive, I will no doubt need to test again the next day just to be sure. And if I got a negative test, I'd definitely need to test again, and then if the second test was positive I'd still need to do the third to be sure. What if I got two negative tests? So you see, there was no way around it, I needed the 3 pack or two 2 packs. I felt I showed restraint. I hope I don't end up buying more to feed my addiction!

Secondly, don't test too early. Testing too early made me feel really bad last time. That first negative rocked me, and then I became crazy bin diving test re-check lady. Today I resisted a very strong urge to test. I had that packet open and was looking at the three tests, but said no, not yet. I initially told myself I could do my first test on Friday after transfer, that's tomorrow. I'm wondering when should I test. Blood test is still a week from tomorrow. But by the numbers, tomorrow will be 11 days since ovulation. The test packet says 99% accurate for test taken from 1 day before period is due, that would be Sunday. Because I'm using progesterone medications, I shouldn't get my period even though it would be due, so I can't just wait for a period to show up. Can I wait until Sunday? Should I go with my original plan and test Friday and then re-test on Sunday? That is sounding like a plan to me. That way if Sunday is negative, I can retest on Tuesday (trying to obey my 2-days before re-testing rule).

Maybe I should have bought two of the 2 test packs...

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