Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I do have good days

It has occurred to me over the past few weeks that people who primarily read my blog to follow what's happening in our fertility journey get a fairly uneven perspective on how I'm coping. My objective in writing the blog was about offering a factual record of the fertility process, for readers looking for details about what happens during assisted reproductive procedures, and to record how that made me feel. This is how I think when I'm writing the blog. As a result, I don't have a great day and think 'today was great - I should write a blog about it', but I do have lots of good days.

Right now I'm doing really well. I'm loving having a break from all things fertility. I'm surprised by how much better I feel having a little break. From time to time I wonder if I'm ever going to want to get back into it. But surely that is rational. So far my experience of fertility treatment is fairly traumatic, both physically and emotionally.

So let me tell you about my weekend - that I thoroughly enjoyed - and on several occasions I thought well I wouldn't be able to do this if we had kids. After Friday night at the footy I stayed up until midnight reading a book, therefore Saturday started with a sleep in! When I finally got up and I had a leisurely breakfast, I then promptly went back to bed to read more book! In the afternoon I broke it up a bit by watching a couple of episodes of a tv series with Matty, before heading back to bed to finish off the book. Saturday night was birthday party time for my sister and her flat mate. Instead of being restrained and going home early I a had a few (too many) drinks and eventually crawled under the covers at 2.45am. Sunday was steady, but I had a lovely catch up with a friend where I didn't look at the clock once, because I didn't have a schedule I needed to stick to whatsoever!

I do have good days even weeks, I just don't write about it much.


  1. Wow. I am in aww. I had stumbled upon your blog last night and have just blazed threw it. This has got to be the most compelling thing I have read with your life the past year and a bit . As hard as this has been for you, it takes a special being to move threw all this. Please hear my applause. My heart is with you. Joy is there. - diahanna

  2. if the I Do Have Good Days post was written with the crazy MOL in mind, then I thank you for it. I feel much better now.