Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A wee bit over waiting to get knocked up

We had planned to have another round of embryo transfers this month. I'd started to get pretty excited about it and happy with the anticipation and hope of maybe getting pregnant and having a baby. Having taken a break for soooooo long, it occurred to me that when I rang the fertility specialist's office to book in for the cycle that I should ask if he had holidays planned. Of course, he does, right when I would due to have the embryo transfer.

Bugger! It's definitely at times like these I miss my fallopian tubes and the old fashion way of baby-making.

There is nothing to be done for it, we just have to wait another month. The first chance we have to try again I will probably be 37. That's right, another year will tick over.

I'm trying not to get to hung up on the age thing. I'm trying having a balanced view of all the impacting factors. So the good news is I've been doing really well on the weight loss front. I have lost the 10kgs I set as my birthday target. I have another few weeks before transfer (and my birthday) I am thinking I could loose another 2-4kgs, which surely can only help.

The best part of the weight loss is that I'm generally feeling a lot fitter and healthier. Thinking back to last year I felt so exhausted and run down. This year I've had a lot more energy. I don't want to jinx it, but I haven't even had so much as a sniffle this winter!

Heading into my next transfer I'll be:

  1. 1 year older
  2. 10 kilos lighter (at least)
  3. A tiny bit less crazy/obsessed 
  4. A shit tip fitter.

In the balance of things, I feel like it will be in the favour of fertility.


  1. Hi! Good luck on your upcoming transplant. It's true getting fit would get the chance on having a baby, I've experienced it before. Anyway, just follow strictly what your physician's advice and things will be possible. Also try to relax your mind and get away from stress. Things will be fine I tell you.

  2. Ah, man. I'm sorry you have to wait! But I'm so glad that you're doing well otherwise. Sending happy thoughts and hugs your way!