Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Half way through - looks like we've won the baby lottery

I've now ticked over the half way mark of this pregnancy. We've had no signs of trouble and I'm really excited about the pregnancy! I'm getting so much more joy and have so much less fear this time around. I know things really could still go wrong, but I'm just not worrying anywhere near as much.

We did our morphology scan last week. The baby look perfect! It seems we have won the baby lottery and are having a girl. I couldn't believe it when the sonographer said bubby was a girl! My husband and I (and my mother-in-law who will finally have a grand-daughter) are thrilled!!!!

B2 from this moment to birth, shall be referred to as mini morgy.

Big W are having a big baby sale right now and in a show of my much more relaxed approach to this pregnancy I actually stocked up on newborn nappies and infant girl nappies. I bought a couple of super cute newborn girl onsies too! I will be re-using most of our newborn stuff from first time around, but I had to get mini morgy a couple of special little outfits of her own.

A couple of weeks ago I felt mini morgy's first movements. Everyday these are growing stronger and more prominent. Can't wait until they are strong enough for my husband and son (who had no idea what's going on) to feel them.

I think being so busy with part-time work and the day-to-day coordination of a 16-month old is good for the pregnant woman. Too busy to sit and worry, but just enough time to enjoy the wonder that is having a baby.

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